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Jennifer Sepull

Digital Technology Business Executive

Today, my main focus is to help companies leverage technology, digital, design, and data to innovate and transform their business. I believe that companies who prioritize technology and strategic technology partnerships as key enablers to create experience led connections with their consumers will significantly out perform their competition. 

One of my key focal areas is the convergence of business and technology- advancing the possibility for business success in a digital landscape. The fact is that the lines between business and technology are blurring. In all of my ventures, my strategy is to closely align the functions of technology with the objectives of the business, in a close partnership.

I am a Digital and Information Technology business leader.   I'm also a runner, a world traveler, and a fan of good design.

This is my site - I share a blog, some travel notes, and a list of what I'm reading.  Drop me a note, and let me know what you think.

Copyright 2017

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