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About Jennifer

Jennifer Sepull is a C-level professional with a strong track record for developing strategic trusted relationships and collaborating across different value chains. She is known for her innovation, and her strong leadership qualities guiding and managing large teams, multiple business divisions, and companies. 


Jennifer's focus is on creating strategic enterprise business value by developing digital solutions that incorporate sound business processes, new technology, and stable infrastructure platforms to optimize business performance. She has experience leading global teams and building and maintaining global e-commerce and omni-channel digital marketing platforms.

Jennifer has extensive industry knowledge in retail, consumer products, automotive, high tech, medical, financial, and manufacturing industries.  Her legal background also gives her experience in negotiating complex contractual agreements and developing business plans for new ventures.

"Today, my main focus is to help companies leverage technology, digital, design, and data to innovate and transform their business. I believe that companies who prioritize technology and strategic technology partnerships as key enablers to create experience led connections with their consumers will significantly out perform their competition." 

"One of my key focal areas is the convergence of business and technology- advancing the possibility for business success in a digital landscape. The fact is that the lines between business and technology are blurring. In all of my ventures, my strategy is to closely align the functions of technology with the objectives of the business, in a close partnership."

"I am a Digital and Information Technology business leader.   I'm also a runner, a world traveler, and a fan of good design."

Current Role

I'm the Global CIO for USAA, a member-focused insurance and financial products company, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.  

I lead a fantastic, diverse group of technology and digital specialists.  We deliver technology solutions for all of USAA's business organizations.  I've served USAA since February of 2016.

Our technology mission is to drive business value and enhance the member experience.



I find it valuable to stay involved with peers, as well as in groups that appear to have little to do with my day to day - both offer fresh thinking and alternative ways to stimulate problem-solving.



I try to run and lift weights about five times a week.  I haven't run marathons - my primary motivation for running is staying in shape, and it doesn't hurt that it also give me the ability to enjoy fantastic food in all the places I am lucky enough to visit.

I am interested in the Quantified Self movement - the recording and analysis of one's personal data for self-improvement.

Past Roles

Previously, I was the Global CIO for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a $30B manufacturer of personal, home, and health care products.  I led a terrific team of global professionals and was responsible for all technology and digital technology initiatives at K-C.

Prior to K-C, I was the Global CIO for American Honda Motor Corporation.  I have been a partner for several global consultancies, and an executive for several start ups, and the National Sales Manager for Yamaha Motor Company.

Community Involvement

I am a Tocqueville Member of the United Way of Dallas, and I have actively participated in fund-raising efforts for the Boys and Girls Club and the American Heart Association.

I have found the Technology Community in San Antonio to be fantastic - they've embraced me and truly made me feel welcome.  I'm happy to be giving back, welcoming digital leaders to San Antonio, as the city takes on new technology-centric companies.

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